Udi Menkes

Udi is an accomplished AI & Data leader with over a decade of experience in developing and implementing AI-driven products and strategies. His expertise has been pivotal in steering product strategy, leading to significant revenue growth and increased adoption across various industries.

As VP AI & Data at OpenWeb, Udi successfully led the development of key products including a conversational intelligence platform for moderation and engagement and an audience targeting revenue optimization platform. At ThetaRay and Payoneer, he created advanced AI solutions for detecting and preventing financial crimes.

Udi has also excelled in building and leading high-performance AI, Data, and data-product teams.

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VP AI & Data as a service
Want to ramp up your AI & Data capabilities and looking for an experienced leader to guide you through? I will work closely with you as your VP AI/Data.

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Build you a custom ChatGPT or AI Assistant

Looking to simplify tasks with AI? Get a custom ChatGPT for your unique needs at work or home! With OpenAI's latest, I offer personalized GPT and AI assistants creation. We'll tailor it with specific instruction, knowledge and actions.
AI Strategy Sessions

I'll help you figure out how AI can practically help your business grow. I'll help you make sense of AI and where it's worth investing your time and money in an optimized way. We'll review all the areas of your business and craft an AI strategy and action plan
AI Workshops

For teams looking for hands-on experience, Udi offers workshops on how to practically apply AI. Customized to each team's needs, these workshops are designed to enhance the understanding and usage of AI: Executive Management, Marketing, Sales, Customer Support and Operations, Product, Engineering and Data teams, Finance and Human Resources.


Udi presents "The Generative AI Revolution", a comprehensive exploration of the recent leaps in AI capabilities and their practical applications within various industries and across different organizational functions. This includes a deep dive into how generative AI works, its use cases, and potential risks and mitigations. Each presentation is tailored to focus on relevant use cases for the specific audience, whether it's the whole company or a particular team.

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